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Why Go for Managed Storage Dedicated Server Hosting?

One of the greatest benefits of going for a fully managed UK and USA based dedicated server is the users make huge savings by curtailing the costs that would otherwise go into hiring the services of IT teams. Availing the services of an IT team or a group of IT experts can prove to be highly expensive for organizations. While the well-established and experienced businesses can easily manage such hefty expenditures, businesses that are just starting out in the market might find it very difficult to bear the costs. Luckily, for such businesses and organizations, there are alternatives besides hiring the services of IT teams simply for managing their servers. The most reliable and flexible option for companies that are on a limited hosting budget but extensive IT requirements is dedicated server hosting.

Advantages of Going for a Fully Managed UK and USA based Dedicated Server

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that the cost that goes into hosting a site on a server is one of the prime concerns for majority of the organizations. It is only to keep the costs under viable limits that many organizations opt for a fully managed UK dedicated server. This offers excellent resilience to the organizations without huge initial outlay. Reducing the ceiling for investment for a strong and powerful server is considered one of the simplest advantages offered by a fully managed cheap dedicated server. Managed and cheap dedicated server hosting helps organizations in getting around with much of the expenditures associated with

  • Procuring and buying hardware and servers
  • Hiring and even retaining IT skills
  • Securing the right infrastructure
  • Evaluating IT infrastructure

Establishing update and maintenance protocols

The overall expenses associated with such long-term and large scale investments can easily be digested by the large organizations. However, majority of the medium and small-scale companies generally struggle with the capital gap and knowledge gap accompanying the use of fully managed dedicated servers.

What is Managed USA Dedicated Server Hosting?

Managed USA dedicated server hosting means reducing the level for entry into a high-availability and high-performance infrastructure. The users on such servers have access to high level of expertise and that too without having to pay any price for retaining the expertise of IT professionals. The users on a managed UK dedicated server or USA dedicated server get to harness the security and stability of the data centers instead of going through the risk of on-premise deployments. They get the ability of building it perfect the very first time and planning for future growth. Most importantly, the users always come across stable and consistent costs, supported by agreements that they can predict and even plan for in advance.

Work Procedure of a Managed Storage Dedicated Server

Initially, the organizations going for a managed storage dedicated server take stock of their operations and meet with systems architects for developing exclusive plans. Hosting providers like Onlive Server carry out the task of analyzing the prospects of their clients for long-term progress. They even create infrastructure plans exceeding the current expectations of their clients while anticipating future situations. The next step is migrating or re-developing the existing systems of organizations onto the new architecture. The hosting providers keep the software and hardware of their clients updated right from the first day and even grant them access to cheap dedicated server hosting by way of server management software. Managed dedicated server hosting solutions are available from expert professionals. On-demand services are also available to the users while there are omnipresent systems available for monitoring the servers. This ensures 99.99% uptime.

One of the best things about the managed dedicated servers of Onlive Server is that the users get to have their complete focus on their operations rather than on the maintenance and updates of their infrastructure. There are experienced industry professionals working on the servers and their management. With a managed dedicated server hosting, the users get AMD Quadcore processors, 29 IPv4 range IP addresses, 16 GB DDR3 RAM, 3.0Ghz+ CPU speed, 1Gbit port or 15TB bandwidth per month and 1 TB HDD storage. CPanel is the control panel option and Windows and Linux operating systems can be used. This is a kind of investment that guarantees stable operations and that too without putting in a huge amount of money.

Some frequently asked questions about cheap dedicated server hosting solutions include:

What are the advantages of managed dedicated server hosting?

Managed dedicated server hosting means the users have easy access to power, bandwidth, software and hardware at a big discount. They even get secure backups for ensuring complete operational continuity along with highly managed and omnipresent security updates and monitoring.

What are the results of going for a managed cheap dedicated server?

The benefits of going for a managed cheap dedicated server play out in different ways. The users see decreased downtime outlays; increased growth potential and they even get to have their focus on nurturing the primary objectives of their organizations.

Why is managed dedicated server hosting is best bet?

Managed cheap dedicated server hosting is the best bet because it is highly powerful and it does not require IT competency demanded by the other hosting solutions.

How to get the most out of your managed dedicated hosting?

In order to get the most out of your managed dedicated hosting, you require a provider that perfectly aligns with the skill level of your company and has a clear understanding of the pressure that modern online presence places on the operations of different organizations.

Is it possible to upload files from Mac or Linux to Windows dedicated servers?

Yes, basic file transfers using FTP can help in uploading files from Mac or Linux computers to Windows dedicated servers.