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Ways in which a home renovation loan can help during festive seasons

The festive season is here once again, and one can almost hear the crackle of the phooljharis, see the vibrant colours and lights, and nearly feel the warmth of hugs from all our loved ones. Diwali is truly a heartwarming festival for Indians, and it holds a special place in our hearts. This is the occasion where sweets are exchanged for gleeful laughter, and our houses truly light up and turn into homes. People pray and do the Diwali puja, and then the annual ‘Diwali Safai‘ takes place, signifying de-cluttering, re-birth, and transformation. Many people also find this the most auspicious occasion to renovate their homes.

This festive season, you can bring home the light with home renovation loans. Here are the amazing ways that a home renovation loan can help you this Diwali season:

Re-decorating God’s abode

The best thing you can do, befitting the celebration, is to redo the puja room in the house. You can bring in some real gold and change the decor of this religious spot in your home by availing house renovation loan.

House Painting

You can get your home re-painted this Diwali season, to give it a fresh look and feel. Be sure to select some bright shades such as yellow or orange, and also bring a balance with soothing pastel hues. Painting the house is the perfect way to transform your personal space, and go with the festive vibes.

Decorating the Living Room

The living room is the most important space in your home, especially during festivals. This is the place where all your friends, family, neighbors and loved ones will gather and celebrate the occasion with you. You can avail a personal loan and completely transform this focal point of your house. You can also add a big screen LED or OLED TV to add to the charm and entertain all your guests!

Sprucing up the Furniture

One of the best things you can do this festive season is to bring in new fancy furniture in your house. You can purchase a new dining table, funky chairs, comfortable velvety sofa, get aesthetic curtains and bedsheets, throw on some new pillows on your bed, and remodel the place to your liking. What better way to celebrate the festival!

Lighten Up!

Bring home the lights this Diwali season – literally! Diwali is the festival of lights, and your home decor must look the part. Change the lighting this festive season by bringing a brand new chandelier, getting fancy new lamps for the bedroom, adding string lights to the children’s room; the options are endless.

Redo the Balcony

If you are fortunate enough to have a balcony at home, then you should definitely use this occasion to renovate the balcony as well! Getting new tiling, adding exotic potted plants to the collection, perhaps buying a mini-fountain and adding sprinkles of grass, pebbles, stones and marbles can really make the place look festive.

Make your Diwali brighter by availing a home renovation loan and redecorating your house for you and your loved ones.