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Most suitable brokers for you

In the present forex market, Exness, Hotforex, FXCM and XM are considered to be the best service owners because of their good offers for their clients and also help the clients to raise the profit with the upgraded trading condition or account types. And there are a lot of things about them that make them be trusted and get more investment from clients over time. So, let’s look at the review below to acknowledge clearly about what are the best things of these best forex brokers.

Best brokers have appropriate certificates

The truth is that license is the method that brokers use to show their reliability and also attract more clients if they have licenses from their clients’ countries. It is quite reasonable if broker have one license from Asia for Asian traders, and Asian licenses only.

This is the same with UK and US brokers. In addition, best brokers have the limit on licenses because they know if they own more licenses they have to charge higher fee, and they are not able to offer more helping tools for their clients. One trustful license is supposed to be the best choice such as ASIC, CySEC, FSA, CFTC, NFA, NFA. You can totally believe in the brokers that have one license from these and it is obvious that all the biggest forex brokers now own one trustful license. Exness, FBS… is the best brokers for beginners that have the most appropriate certificates.

The better account structure

The large brokers organize the account reasonably, and make clients feel easy to start an account such as Exness, FBS, and Hotforex because they need little figure for minimum deposit. Among these, Exness needs Zero limit digit on deposit, with FBS this number is 1 dollar least and Hotforex with 5$.

These little amount for opening the account are more liked by traders than other big brokers that put the very huge number for this, which are FXCM and ( with 2000$ and 500$ respectively).

Best brokers support more effectively

Traders do not get involved too much with support service of some big brokers because they postpone giving feedback and even their offices are not presence in a lot of areas. So if brokers can deficit these drawbacks it is hard for them to get more contact with clients.

As always getting improved in the support term, Exness, FxPro, FBS and XM are now the leads in this field. Especially, Exness is now developing in many kinds of teams such as marketing, support, sale…. They open the online chat also working for 24 hours and their IB sections are perfectly connected all over the place.

The best trading cost charger

Commission and spread fees are more paid attention than any others. From Exness review you can see that they are now having the lowest rate at 1.1 pip which is the same with HotForex while XM and FXTM have a little bit higher rate, at 1.7 pip.

This rate is for the popular currency pair which is EURUSD. Commission fee are also counted for ECN account because for most of the top 5 ECN brokers they do not ask for any spread so commission seems to be the only source of income. Among Exness accounts, Exness ECN account costs only 2.5 for commission fee for one lot finished.

Best brokers give huge leverage

It is the fact that brokers with a lot licenses like Japanese and UK or US brokers can not offer the higher leverage and that makes them scores with most of the traders. One matter affects leverage rate is the account types. Saying about Exness, amount the Exness account, which accounts have traded five time and own smaller than 1000$ can be rewarded unrestricted leverage and with more than 1000$ in the account, the leverage given at 1:2000.