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Should I Start a Business in Manchester?

Manchester: A Big, Vibrant City

Manchester is the second largest economic city in the UK known to have the highest number of business start-ups and scale-ups. The city has a healthy economy partly due to the global foreign direct investments as well as continuing political support for its growth from both local authorities and the Conservative government. Over the past few years, the city has seen an increase in its population to around 2.5 million.

This has also been a major contributing factor in the city’s rising economy. Lest we forget, Manchester is home to two major football English Premier League teams; Manchester United and Manchester City. Entrepreneurs venturing into a new business can get a hire property management agent to help find and take care of their rented commercial property.

Business Centre

Manchester City is the Northern Economy Powerhouse. There are a lot of businesses in the city from diverse industries. Some of them include; technology industry, food industry and the entertainment industry with broadcasting giants such as the BBC and ITV found in Salford Media City. Besides, the City is also considered a start-up hub. There are a lot of commercial properties for rent in Manchester, suitable for all types of business. This can range from take away shops and hairdressers to industrial businesses and pubs.

An Educational Centre

People all over the world come to Manchester in search of quality high education. The city is home to a number of world-class and highly reputed institutions of higher learning such as the University of Manchester, University of Salford and Manchester Metropolitan University.

The large number of students joining the university every year is a win for an entrepreneur especially those venturing in the food industry, properties and technology among others. Most students tend to stay back in Manchester after graduating probably in search of a job and the residents who studied away from Manchester also tend to come back to the city after graduation.

The Location of the City

The location and the infrastructure available in the city make it appealing for one to consider starting up a business. Manchester is surrounded by a wide variety of modes of transport which include; the Manchester Airport which is the largest in the UK, the train which approximately takes two hours to reach London and the motorway. Sound infrastructure is a definite plus for any investor. This includes appropriate technological infrastructure which can all be found in Manchester.

Tourist Attraction

Manchester is a tourist attraction centre. Tourists visit the City to see the Manchester Cathedral, National Football Museum (precisely because of the two famous English Premier League teams), the Museum of Science and Industry and so many other places. The large number of tourists leads to the demand for rental properties.

In Conclusion

Venturing into business is such a great opportunity for an investor especially since the City is still growing and it is doing so at a faster rate. See more to find the perfect property.