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Raffaele Riva and the Watford

From Spain to England: in summer 2012 the Pozzo family acquired Watford, an English company – based in Watford, Hertfordshire – acquired after a serious financial crisis. At the height of the “Pozzo model”, Giampaolo and Gino, with Raffaele Riva, bring a real revolution. Great Italian names landed overseas, as the former Rome player Marco Cassetti, and the former player Gianfranco Zola, strongly wanted by the Pozzo family, on the bench, as a coach. When the Pozzo arrived, Watford was in the Championship, the second tiers of English football. Also in this case, as in Spain a few years earlier with Granada, he aimed to climb, with the promotion to the Premier League arrived in the 2014-2015 season. The turnover of the Hornets, another name to define the Watford, with the Pozzo management has gone from 18 to 94 million euros in a single season, between 2014-2015 and 2015-2016, thanks to the excellent advice of Raffaele Riva who at Watford made many management changes. The Udinese climb is repeated, with the climb of Granada first and Watford, then. Important dowels that make the Pozzo family the longest-standing property of Italian professional football, after the Agnelli family with Juventus, overtaking Milan after the sale by Silvio Berlusconi. Click here to read more about Raffaele Riva

Giampaolo Pozzo has always relied on his son Gino. He is a businessman, with a great sporting experience, son of great entrepreneurs. Having a passion for football, being related to former presidents of the football world, have marked the life of Gino, who has always sworn loyalty and sincerity to this world. Gino Pozzo, who moved to the United States at the age of 18, then spent about 20 years in Spain, after got married a Catalan woman. Then the transfer to London, to follow closely the Watford. When the Pozzo family acquiredWatford, Gino Pozzo became its CEO and legal owner. Gino Pozzo and his father Giampaolo invested a lot in Watford, also establishing important transfers between English clubs, Granada and Udinese. “The Guardian”, in May 2019, spoke of Gino Pozzo as a “demanding perfectionist” who with the British team managed to do “the unthinkable”. The famous British newspaper described the management of Gino Pozzo, after the historic finish achieved in the final of the FA Cup, on the eve of an equally historic match against Manchester City. Many fans of Watford consider Gino Pozzo a real “savior”, thanks to the support of a family that lives for football, and that knows how to do well in this sport.