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How to choose your online gaming site

To be sure not to be scammed, especially if you play online online gaming, it is essential to choose your gaming site. For this, you have to take into account different criteria. Here are some parameters to consider before registering with an online gaming site.

Check the reliability of the site

Before registering on an online gaming site, you must first learn about its credibility, reliability and reputation. For that, it is necessary to inquire near the other players already members of the site or its former members. Also, it is essential to check the age of the platform on the web, because this constitutes a good assurance as to its reliability. In addition, it is necessary to check online gaming merchant account fees if the site has a real gaming license. You should know that if the site is a member of Addicted, it is more reliable since that means that it preaches responsible online gaming. In addition, do not hesitate to ask for the redistribution rate of the site which should be around 95 to 98%. And finally, don’t forget to check the payment method offered by the platform,

Study the offers and customer services

A good online gaming site usually has better customer service and offers. Thus, the site must be available to all members 24 hours a day. Moreover, to facilitate communication, services should be available in different languages, including English, French, Spanish, etc. The platform should also have a chat service and a forum where all members can express themselves. Finally, information about the site should be easily accessible so that everyone can get informed at any time.

For some of us it is a joy to walk the malls and other shopping streets in search of birthday or Christmas gifts. For others, it’s hell or just impossible for lack of time. Sometimes it even turns into a marathon if the desired product is no longer available anywhere. Since the Internet has existed, those resistant to the race for gifts in street shops can avoid this torment and quietly search online for gift ideas. There remains the last step, the most delicate: online payment, which is usually done by credit card. How can you not be fooled and not be afraid of having your card number hacked?

Don’t buy from just any store

First important step: the choice of the store. When you have a choice, prefer an online store that you already know by fame or because you have used it before. Make sure that the general notices and conditions of sale are accessible; the physical address of the company must be clearly indicated with a means of contact (telephone, email).

If you have no choice and you have doubts about the reliability of a seller, do not hesitate to contact them by phone or email under the pretext of checking the availability of a product. Search the internet using the name of the store or ask the community for advice in our pre-purchase advice forums to find an alternative or collect opinions.

Secure pages and VPN

A bank card number is intended to be entered on a special secure page which must be encrypted to prevent the number from being intercepted by a third party. These pages are easily recognizable thanks to the S of HTTPS which is displayed at the beginning of the address or to the padlock in the address bar. You can also activate your VPN if you have ever subscribed to such a service.