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First Time Visiting Frankfurt? How Tourist Attractions Maps, Metro Maps, Walking Maps Helps

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  • January 19, 2019
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Frankfurt is thrilling destination to plan a tour. This dynamic city includes old town mellow buildings to imposing skyscrapers in financial district. Besides being a potent financial hub, there is plenty to see and do in Frankfurt. It is a tourist friendly destination because getting around is easy. With walking map app you can get around with ease. It does not matter, if you don’t know German because majority of locals speak English.

Explore with Frankfurt card

With Frankfurt card you can enjoy free public transportation, which also includes travel from town to the Frankfurt airport. In addition, gain discounts at city tours, museums, attractions, and restaurants. You can download tourist attraction map app to get to know at which landmark you gain free or discounted access. Frankfurt pass can be purchased from main rail station or tourist information office. Pass can be bought for a single or two days.

With Frankfurt card tourists enjoy and even get discounts –

  • 20% on Hop on/off city tours
  • 20% on guided walking tours
  • 10% on shopping in selected stores
  • 15% at specific theaters
  • 50% at Palmengarten
  • 50% at the historical museum
  • 50% at Senckenberg Natural History museum
  • 50% at Frankfurt Zoo
  • 50% at Staedel Museum

Travel tips for first time visitors to Frankfurt

Check Frankfurt events calendar

Frankfurt city hosts huge exhibitions and trade shows at the Messe Frankfurt frequently in a year. Therefore hotels get booked quickly around these specific dates as well as the rates escalate.

Sundays NO-shopping

Majority of shops in Frankfurt are closed on Sundays. Tourists visiting on weekends may find this frustrating, especially if they preplanned shopping on Sunday. Remember to consider this aspect, when you plan to go souvenir shopping in Berlin.

Smiles are not standard

You may be used to friendly services at restaurants even during peak hours but in Germany things are a bit brisk. They are not rude because you are tourists but are being very professional and efficient. It may mean that service does not always accompany with a smile.

Be cautious about wine sampling

Never sample cheap, sugary mulled wine [Gluhwein] at Christmas market but head to winery stands. Here you will get to sample better tasting Gluhwein produced from whole spices and their personal high quality wines.

Top reasons to plan a visit to Frankfurt this summer

Sachsenhausen cider taverns

Check out the tourist attraction map for route to the popular Apple cider tavern or Apfelwein. This alcoholic drink has been popular for more than two centuries. It is made with plenty of care and is available in most quaint and ancient bars of Sachsenhausen district. On special tourist tickets, you can even enjoy it on Ebbelwel Express.


Romerberg is located in the middle of the city adjoining the historic Town Hall. It includes three pink colored buildings having gables. During the World War II Romerberg was destructed and later got rebuilt in Gothic style. Since 12th century, Old Town square has participated in trade fairs, major festivities and celebrations.

Frankenstein Castle

Frankenstein Castle is in ruins but still attracts tourists. It is the birthplace of eccentric inventor Frankenstein and there is a rumor that this place is still being used for ghastly experiments with stolen body parts from nearest graveyards. Even though you will find a chapel, two towers and restaurant but in October this place gets alive to celebrate the Halloween Night.

Museum of Natural History

In Senckenberg, Museum of Natural History is the largest gallery of Germany that displays thousands of exhibits. Young and old can gain lots of knowledge from exhibits that range from rare fossils to Egyptian mummies. The museum also has largest dinosaur collection in Europe.